September is almost Over….. Are You Ready?

  • September 27, 2017

    As September 2017 quickly comes to an end, wants to know, Are You Ready?  With all the natural disasters we faced as a nation and globally this month, we should be reminded that September is National Preparedness Month.  Now is the time to develop a plan for your family and if you have a plan please review it.  Disasters aren’t planned, but you can plan for if and when one does hit; what steps your family should take to remain safe until help arrives.  Oftentimes, those of us that don’t live near coastal areas feel insulated and think we don’t need a plan however its better to have a plan and not need it, than to need a plan and not have it.  Please take time today to visit and have a discussion with your family and friends about being ready.  We spend a lot of time enjoying all the amenities that come from working hard for our families; lets invest some of that time in ensuring we are prepared in the case of an emergency.


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