Time To Teach (TTT)

Time To Teach


Time To Teach is a set of strategies and techniques proven to restore instruction time that is lost to discipline challenges in a way that is simple, fair and respectful. Our strategies are like “wax on a car” we make everything shine! What we mean by this statement is our strategies can work with any program you may have in place and are even more powerful when they stand alone! At a Time To Teach training you will learn how to eliminate repeated warning and multiple requests in a positive fashion, be productive rather than reactive, avoid power struggles, how to use powerful prompting techniques and learn classroom arrangements for maximum achievement.

What could be accomplished if student discipline challenges decreased by 70% or more? If you want increased scores you must first put a system in place for discipline that empowers your teachers to control the behaviors of students in the classroom. You must provide your staff with world class training on classroom management.

Is teacher turnover a concern? Classroom management was rated as the most important variable to building and sustaining a high achieving classroom. Classroom management (or lack of) is also the number one reason why educators are leaving the profession.

Is loss of academic time a concern? Educators realize that we are losing precious instruction time to pesky low-level discipline challenges. We all must realize that academics and discipline go “hand in hand”. An educator can be the best content instructor on campus, BUT without the ability to control the classroom, the best lessons will remain undelivered.

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